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DIY Pond Kit 8'x11'

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Build a captivating 8' x 11' ecosystem pond effortlessly with the Aquascape Small Pond Kit. Designed to streamline the setup process, this comprehensive kit removes the complexities of choosing individual parts, offering an all-inclusive solution for any space.

At its core, the kit features a skimmer and a BioFalls® filter, ensuring both mechanical and biological filtration work seamlessly. The included AquaSurge® pump, known for its energy efficiency, guarantees optimal water circulation.

Additionally, with the Automatic Dosing System paired with a 32 oz. water treatment, maintaining pristine water conditions becomes automated, ensuring a clean and clear pond environment. Simplify pond creation with this all-in-one solution.


  • Signature Series 400 Pond Skimmer with faux rock lid
  • Signature Series 1000 BioFalls® Biological Filter with rock tray and BioBalls Biological Filter Media
  • AquaSurge® 3000 Pond Pump with check valve assembly
  • Automatic Dosing System for Ponds with 32 fl. oz. water treatment
  • Flexible PVC Pipe – 1.5″ x 25′, 45 mil EPDM liner – 12′ x 15′ and 180 sq. ft. of protective underlayment
  • Welcome Kit & Installation Kit containing silicone, Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant, PVC cement and more.

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